This idea popped into my head earlier this week and I thought it just might be one of those rare ideas that has some merit.  So I'm going to run with it.  The idea is to feature a blogger from one of the U.S. states each Saturday until all the states have been represented.  Then maybe I'll start over again.  The problem I face is I'd like to feature bloggers that don't live in the states as well.  I know - I can do a Tuesday Touring or Tuesday Travel or Wednesday World post.  I like it!  Or maybe I'll find that I don't have to alliterate and I'll do a Sunday Drive or Wednesday Visit. 

My next problem was where to start  - at the beginning of the alphabet, the northeast and work my way west, or just totally random.  I hadn't decided that when I learned that Natasha from Maw Books had done a guest post for BBAW about Utah bloggers.  I found my starting place - my very own home state.

I for sure wanted to let people know about Natasha's terrific post.  Really, you need to check it out if you haven't already.  She tells a story which every blogger in the world will be able to relate.  And she tells about the two Utah socials held in 2009 where bloggers and authors rubbed shoulders, shared food and good company, and had a wonderful time.  She provides a list of all the Utah bloggers that she knows of and shares a link to the Utah Bloggers group on Book Blogs.

While on the subject of Book Blogs let me just point out to anyone who doesn't know yet - it was started by the blogosphere's very own Tricia from Library Queue.  Book Blogs is a social  network for readers set up Triscia using Ning.  Stop by and say hello to Tricia and find out about joining.  (How did that little bit of North Carolina slip into a Utah post?!) 

I'm not going to feature a specific Utah blogger this week.  Instead I'm going to share a link to each of their blogs and encourage you to stop by and say hello.  I'll bet there are several you know about already, but I'll bet there are some that are new-to-you.   There are several that did not know about before Natasha's post on BBAW.

Utah Book Bloggers - stop by and comment - make Utah feel good this weekend.
Finally, I would personally like to thank Natasha for all the work she has done and continues to do to bring Utah bloggers together.  She has arranged the socials, sent out invitations to bloggers and authors, created the Utah Blogger group on Book Blogs, and who knows what other behind-the-scenes work is going on with that competent, energetic girl.   She makes my head spin.  Thank-you, Natasha, for gathering the troops.

One more mention that includes Natasha along with several other book bloggers.  This last Wednesday evening, Natasha, Amy from My Friend Amy, Kathy from Bermudaonion, Adam from Letters on Pages and Katie from Babbling About Books and More were all featured on Blog Talk Radio.  You can listen to this program by going to this post of Natasha's.


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